Thinking of you, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012

"the strongest performer was Richard Banks, as the Man, his portrayal of a father whose own life was being destroyed by his wife meant that his relationships with his children suffered to a point where he doesn't know how to communicate with them and he can only vent his frustrations on his daughter.
His portrayal of the man desperately trying to cling to some vestige of the happy family life, through to his own desperation at his now ex-wife's incessant late night phone calls, via two powerful cafe scenes with his daughter,and intolerable birthday parties; show power, control, frustration, sympathy and even perfectly delivered humour.
An actor I hope will see more of in the future and a performance I would encourage others to view whilst in Edinburgh. A performance of real class. Performances of such quality in a small scale show like this, are worthy of a much greater audiences."

Loot - March 2012

"And the audience was treated to strong performances from a committed cast. Richard Banks presented a suitably pathetic McLeavy.

Waiting to bury his wife, around whose death there are increasing whiffs of suspicion, he blended both naivety and resilience in a charming Irish brogue.

Macbeth - May 2011

"Richard Banks proved an admirable Macbeth, a famously difficult role, managing to show his transition from loyal soldier to murderous villain, the ultimate anti-hero."

Blackadder II - February 2011

"There was strong support from the rest of the cast, particularly Richard Banks as Lord Melchett with some fabulous comic timing (and drunkeness)."

Outside Edge - May 2010

"...Richard Banks (Dennis), the slightly raffish type who can always get things at wholesale price (to court popularity), was excellent as the suitably oily but transparent flirt."

Bouncers - October 2009

"...Richard Banks played 'Lucky' Eric, the ringleader of the quartet and a man whose view of the city and its inhabitants has been clouded over the years by scenes of violence and exploitation of woman. His heartfelt monologues were memorably emotional affairs, uncomfortable to listen to but beautifully delivered.

The four actors - who never left the stage - played a variety of different characters, without recourse to costume changes. It was a great moment when they first transformed themselves into handbag clutching girls in a hairdressers. And their interpretation of a speeded-up porn film - in reverse, no less - was simply hilarious... this was a small-scale tour-de-force. "

Oedipus the King - March 2009

"The strongest performer for me was Richard Banks as Creon. His portrayal was well timed, emotional and powerful, yet tender and touching when comforting the two little princesses."

Little Women - May 2008

"...Richard Banks an extremely confident performer, whose lengthy courtship of Meg was poignant and funny in equal measure."

The Caretaker - June 2006

... Aston, on the other hand, is totally introspective throughout the action and spends most of the play trying to mend an electric plug or caressing a piece of wood as if it were a child. Other than this, no one actually does anything.
Richard Banks as Aston, acted as if they had been born to play the role... a truly Pinteresque production

After Magritte - February 2006

"Richard Banks was outstanding as the highly comical Chief Inspector and as Constable Holmes."